Beautiful and striking buildings, made to measure. We are convinced that beautiful designs last longer and are therefore sustainable. In our opinion each design should have its own identity in its surroundings and the users must be able to identify with it. Experience and knowledge of architecture, environmental- and product design come together in the creation of our designs. Every project is special, as is our approach to each assignment.

Sustainable building. We are conscious of our responsibility to the environment and firmly believe in the use of sustainable materials and techniques. The growing supply of sustainable technology on offer increases the possibility of delivering a package of facilities tailored to each building.

We make the energy concepts and EPC calculations ourselves, because we consider energy management to be an integral part of the design. Egeon Architects have a broad experience in the application of solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps in combination with low-temperature heating systems. We enjoy the challenge of designing sensible connections between building elements.


Durability. A building is not necessarily finished. It is a dynamic process of changes and alterations over the years. The usage of the building can change, the users can change as can their needs and wishes. Architecture must allow for and anticipate such processes. In other words, any possible changes should be incorporated or allowed for in the design. In this way a building can be a storehouse of events, rather than just a shelter.


Passion for technology. An optimistic view of the future goes hand in hand with awareness of the past; innovative techniques are combined with traditional methods. Our passion for building extends to the production of 1:1 scale models to be sure of our solutions. We get the best out of all parties involved by constantly asking critical questions and we prefer to oversee the construction phase ourselves to ensure the quality we require. We pay attention to details and ensure they are fulfilled, not just on paper.


Efficient use of the funds available. The design of a house is always the result of circumstances. The wishes of the client, urban requirements, finances, building regulations, technology and of course the prevailing trends. It is a skill and a challenge to combine these aspects into a coherent design. It requires dedication and commitment!

EGEON is a member of the BNA (The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects)


‘Our goal is to make beautiful designs, environmentally conscious, durable and adaptable, using the available resources as efficiently as possible’.